Week 9: My Thoughts On Monetization

This week our class had guest speaker Trevor Battye talk marketing and monetization. Trevor is the co-founder of Clevers Media, a consulting firm that specializes in marketing, branding, website development, and advertising. He offered great insight on how to utilize our websites for monetization purposes. I loved how enthusiastic and engaging he was when sharing his knowledge!

While it’s clear that Trevor is passionate about monetizing content, my thoughts on the subject are indifferent. The obvious benefit to monetizing my website is that it serves as a source of revenue (I mean who doesn’t want to make money?). However, I don’t want my site to be cluttered with advertisements, ruining visitors’ experience of Sincerely, Gracie. Especially if the ads have no relevance to my site. I would only consider monetizing my content if it directly relates to something I have posted about, and I know that it is something I’d use and enjoy. It’s more important for me to know that my visitors are enjoying their experience on my site and not bombarded by unrelated and unwanted ads.

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