Week 8: Navigating Content And Copyright

This week we had guest speaker Jon Festinger talk copyright with the PUB 101 class and I’ll admit, I left the lecture feeling spooked. Copyright is a tricky topic to navigate and Jon’s insight on the subject proved that I had failed to acknowledge the guidelines of sharing others’ work online.

Within my site, the content I was concerned about was the images for my blog posts. I had uploaded several images to my website without asking for permission or crediting the source, which I now know can lead to legal ramifications. Copyright exists to legally protect people’s intellectual property/ created work. Copyright infringement is the use of work protected by copyright law, without permission. However, if your website is not used for any monetary gain, permission to use work does not need to be granted. It is however imperative that you indicate where the work was retrieved from.

This website is a lifestyle blog and it carries a high emphasis on aesthetics and images. While some of the photos on my site are my own the majority of them have been retrieved elsewhere. As long as I am conscious about citing my sources and giving credit where credit is due, my use of external images won’t be considered copyright infringements. Overall, I feel relieved to have learnt this information before continuing to post photos without properly linking to the source.

Featured Image: https://weheartit.com/entry/322348403

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