Week 6: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a digital analytics software that allows you to analyze in-depth details about the people who interact with your website. This insight helps you make decisions based on data.

To download the Google Analytics plugin, I went to my dashboard and scrolled to Plugins. Clicking “Add New” and searching Google Analytics, the “Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights” came up. According to the reviews I’ve read, Monster Insights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. After installing the plugin, I ran into issues when trying to activate it. I soon found out that Monster Insights doesn’t create a Google Analytics account for you, but rather just connects your account with your WordPress site. So, I started the process to set up my Goggle Analytics account which entailed granting permission for Google to access my data and answering questions about my “business”. For the purpose of this process, I answered these questions as if my website was a business. To sync my newly made account to my website, I connected my URL and then everything was all set.

I explored the possibilities of this software by exploring my Analytics account. I was pretty impressed (and a little skeptical), at how much data Google Analytics claims to collect. It reports “Acquisition”: what brought visitors to my site, “Behaviour”: how visitors interact with my site, and “Conversions”: if visitors did what I wanted them to do (from a marketing perspective). I am most excited to analyze the acquisition reports, more specifically, the world map that shows where my users are from. The sophistication of this software is quite incredible.

Since I have just activated Google Analytics, I don’t have any information to report. I do have a feeling that analyzing this data won’t be quite as exciting as I envision, simply because there might not be a lot of data to report. My website is not well known in the blogging community, and I don’t know if I will get much traction, other than my classmates, TA, and teacher in PUB 101. Nonetheless, I am optimistic that I can use this tool to shape the success of my website!

Featured Image: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/28/magazine/the-rabbit-hole-of-relevant.html?smid=pin-share

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