Week 5: Website Design Inspiration

This week in class, we discussed design theory, publication design, and interaction design. Learning about these design elements suggested the key role they play in the success of a business, website, or product. Design format and overall appearance have the power to influence users’ first impressions and engagement. So my focus for this week was website design and gaining inspiration from other popular websites.

Maria Shriver

At first glance, Maria’s website is very eye appealing. I like that the homepage header changes images and that each image displays a “quote bubble”. I also appreciate the fact that the website uses one colour in title underlines, activation buttons, and text, throughout the site. The repeated use of the colour purple creates consistency and flow throughout Maria Shriver’s website.

Screenshot of mariashriver.com

Sincerely Jules

I love the clean layout and design features on Sincerely Jules. The website’s simple aesthetic allows for the colourful images to stand out. I also took notice of sincerely Jules’ use of typography and the variety of fonts she uses. I appreciate that the text in the menu is capitalized in basic font and that the titles of posts are splayed in a hand-written font. This change in typography catches readers’ attention and gives the website dimension. Finally, when I scroll down to the bottom of Sincerely Jules’ homepage, I notice that a link to her Instagram is provided with direct links to several of her histogram posts. I love this design feature because it is visually appealing and gives readers a glimpse of your social media account before clicking the link.

Screenshot of sincerelyjules.com

Say Yes

When clicking on the website’s homepage, my eyes are immediately drawn to the custom Say Yes logo. I love how the website has incorporated this logo in the header, so it remains a visual feature no matter where readers explore the site. I also like that Say Yes has displayed their posts, by alternating which side the featured image and article excerpt is on. This creates a great visual effect when readers scroll down the page.

Screenshot of sayyes.com

Exploring these websites was very beneficial to the design process of my own website. In weeks to come, I plan to incorporate many of the design elements inspired by these popular sites, into Sincerely, Gracie.

Featured Image: https://www.lookslikefilm.com/2017/12/07/daily-update-december-7th/

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