Week 4: WordPress Plugins

This week, I explored the “Plugins” feature on WordPress. After researching the use of plugins, I discovered that a plugin is a software that can be added to a WordPress website to extend functionality or add new features. I am a total tech newbie, so learning and then experiencing, the advantages of WordPress plugins, was quite fascinating. 

To install plugins through my WordPress account, I clicked on “Plugins”, and then “Add New”. First, I downloaded the “Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights” plugin, which allows me to see how people find and use my website. The installation process required me to create a Google Analytics account, and then connect it through my WordPress website. 

Perusing some of my classmates’ peer-review assignments posted to their blogs, I noticed they included screenshots of their partners’ websites in their reviews. This is a great visual addition, that inspired me to search for its corresponding plugin. To find the plugin, I Google searched “WordPress plugins that take screenshots of websites”, and the first result suggested the plugin “Browser Shots”. I then searched for this plugin through my WordPress account, downloaded and activated it, and now I can take screenshots of websites inside of WordPress. 

I am continuing to discover new plugins to download, but I am happy and satisfied with the progress I made this week to learn more about plugin features.

Featured Image: https://drop.com/?origin=%2Fbuy%2Fnineteenseventysix-sa-keycap-set

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