Week 3: My Online Self

About a year ago, I started to analyze my online self and how this image differs from who I am in person. When scrolling through my Instagram feed littered with pictures of my smiling face, I pondered the question, “was I happy when these photos were taken?”. The consensus was, no. This realization led me to feel like a fraud. I had been masking my unhappiness by posting “happy” images.

This week’s lesson suggests that my online behaviour reflects that of “invisibility”. In most online environments, people cannot see you, this gives online users, (including myself), the ability to hide behind their true identity or emotions. In my case, no one could see me, therefore no one could know that I wasn’t truly happy when posting seemingly happy pictures.

Since realizing that my online presence is a fabricated version of myself, I haven’t felt the desire to post filtered content. A year ago when I decided to keep my online image consistent with who I am in person, I assured myself that I would only post content that reflects my sincere self.

To re-introduce me to the truest essence of my being, I created Sincerely, Gracie. The online self I want to achieve is an honest, authentic, and sincere collection of content that makes me, me.

Featured Image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/03/4c/40/034c406657a723c3d914524243c847cc.jpg

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