Week 2: Website Setup

The process of setting up my website has been both painful and rewarding. As a WordPress beginner and a fairly technology-impaired person, it has been difficult to navigate my way through the ins and outs of website installation. However, accomplishing a task and seeing my site come together, it makes the headache worthwhile.

This week, I focused on developing the layout of my site; planning the menu and creating categories for posts. I decided to create a section for blog posts such as travel, health and wellness, fashion, and to create two other sections for my photo series and ‘chronicles of good’. The two main components of my site are my lifestyle-related blog posts, and my content that uplifts and inspires people to make a positive difference. I wanted to keep these posts separate to make it easier for readers to navigate the site.

When it came to choosing the overall aesthetic of Sincerely, Gracie, I went back and forth between many different WordPress themes. I was looking for a theme that displays lots of photos and has a good layout for writing content. In the end, I settled on the “Blossom Print” theme, which gives me the best of both worlds.

Another website installation decision I made was to have my most recent posts show on the front page of Sincerely, Gracie. The other option was to have a static homepage where my “About” section is, however, I opted to showcase my recent posts so readers won’t miss out on new content.

This website continues to be “a work in progress”, however, I am happy with what I have accomplished so far!

Featured Image: https://www.rawpixel.com/image/384918/premium-illustration-vector-designer-freelance-designer-desk

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