Week 11: Creating New Content

Since last week when I changed my website premise to a photography blog, I have been hard at work creating content. I recognize the last minute nature of my decision to change my blog, so I have really buckled down to get my posts up. Although the thought of creating 12 weeks of content in 3 weeks does stress me out, I have really enjoyed the creative process thus far. Unlike when Sincerely, Gracie was a lifestyle blog, coming up with ideas for photography posts has been easy. This process has taught me that when you love what you’re doing, motivation comes naturally.

My focus this week was getting all the necessary photos and video footage I need to create my posts. For the Capture and Write category, I took photos that showcase life in a global pandemic. It was fun to scope out the community, searching for Covid-19 restriction signs, people with masks, and messages of hope and inspiration during these unprecedented times. For another post in the Capture and Write section, I visited my grandma to photograph and interview her for an upcoming post called “My Picture, My Story”, where she is seen holding up a picture that dates back to 1930. I loved the creative concept behind this shoot. For the Photography Skills category, my efforts were focused on taking photos for my shutter speed and prop styling posts. The shutter speed post will show the results of using different shutter speed settings to capture moving actions. To demonstrate this, my brother rode a bike while I photographed him using both fast and slow shutter speeds. The final category of my blog is Videos. The videos I will be producing require me to interview people, which meant I needed to go out and ask to film strangers. Creating content for these videos was a long process because people kept rejecting to be filmed. In the end, though, the responses I got from the people who did participate were great.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me if my website is going to be ready by the December 8th deadline, but I am happy with the content I’ve created thus far, and most importantly, I’m glad that I am enjoying the process.

Featured Image: https://www.redbubble.com/i/poster/Brain-anatomy-watercolor-Brain-flowers-brain-brain-with-Flowers-by-Rosaliartbook/30191605.LVTDI?gdffi=aa308446f0204ceb814e04f9c214a536&gdfms=F25BE1AF4E7C4E5285924BA499288DB9

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