Week 10: Changing My Website Premise

In week three of this course, I started having doubts about my website concept. Initially, I create Sincerely, Gracie as a way of reintroducing myself to all the things that make me sincerely me. While this idea sounds great, it didn’t work because I have never felt more lost or creatively uninspired. Through the process of operating this lifestyle blog, I have discovered that I’m actually not interested in creating lifestyle content. While I enjoy viewing other people’s lifestyle content, I feel that my online voice is suited for a platform much different; a digital space to express my creative passion- photography. I have decided to completely change the premise of this website from a lifestyle blog, to a photography blog. This website will be my creative outlet; a place for me to express myself through photos, refine my craft and showcase my work. While the decision to change my theme sounds shocking giving that we are in week 10 of this course, it really won’t put me much further behind than I already am. Because of my lack of creative inspiration and frustration with the quality of my posts, I have avoided posting blog posts altogether. Unfortunately, my creative setbacks have resulted in me trying to cram thirteen weeks of content into these last three weeks of this course. I was hoping to see my digital content progress over the semester. While this experience has not what I envisioned, I am going to make the most of these final weeks and cultivate a digital voice that I am proud of.

Featured Image: https://www.pinterest.ca/danielecarrer/_created/

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