Trying Different Photo Edits

Photo editing is an important skill in photography. Editing an image can enhance or completely change the original photograph to convey a different mood or theme.

1. Black and White

*Edited in iPhoto

I took this photo of a Joshua tree in Palm Springs, California. I decided to edit this photo in black in white to add more drama to the already intriguing tree. One of my favourite parts of the original photo is the harsh contrast of the dark blue sky above and the light blue sky below. Editing this image in black and white accentuated this contrast.

2. Vintage

*Edited in Final Cut Pro

I took this photo of my brother on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. I edited this image to create a vintage vibe. In Final Cut Pro, I added a camera recorder filter because it looks like my brother is reaching to cover the camera lens. I also chose the Vintage Grain preset to mute the colours with a brown and orange tint. Most people think that Final Cut Pro is limited to its video editing capabilities, it is in fact equipped to edit photos as well.

3. Saturated

*Edited in iPhoto

I took this photo of a colourful surfer van in Santa Monica, California. Although the original image is already colourful, I put an emphasis on saturation with this edit to really make the colours pop. By increasing the saturation and contrast levels, the end result is much more vibrant. Most notably, the sky is now a blue colour, as appose to a grey shade in the original image.

4. Retouch

*Edited in Fotor Photo Editor

This is a portrait of my brother, Jett. In the original image, he has some noticeable blemishes on his face. I was able to get rid of the blemishes, eye bags, and red marks by using the retouch tool in Fotor Photo Editor. This is a great editing technique to achieve airbrushed skin for portrait photography.

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