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The Catfé

The Catfé

Coffee and cats, is there a better combo than that? For a coffee and cat lover like myself, this is a dream, and my visit to the Catfé truly was.

Since 2015, the Catfé has partnered with animal rescues to help adoptable rescue cats find loving homes. The Catfé serves as a temporary foster environment for these cats, and a space for cat lovers to meownite! Enjoy cat-themed drinks and snacks while engaging with the feline furry friends. And before you leave, stop by the meowchandise store to buy all things cat-related.

Upon entering the catfé, I paid the general admission fee of $16 and ordered my coffee to take in with the cats. As I walked through the Catfé doors, it felt like I had died and gone to cat heaven. There were about 20 cats— some were sleeping, some were eating, and some were right at the door ready to greet customers. Right away I made a connection with one of the cats named Tollan. He is a 6-month-old male currently up for adoption. If my house wasn’t already at animal capacity with one cat and one dog, I would have brought Tollan home with me in a heartbeat. 

I had such a great time sippin’ coffee, chilling with the cats, and talking to fellow cat lovers about cats! Check out The Catfé to learn more about their rescue mission, meet the cats of the catfé, and book your next visit!

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