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Pitt Meadows: A Hidden Gem

Pitt Meadows: A Hidden Gem

When people ask me, “Where do you live?”, some are confused when I say, “Pitt Meadows.” It always surprises me, how many people don’t know where Pitt Meadows is or even that it’s a city. But to me, that’s one of its appeals. To those that live here, Pitt Meadows is our hidden gem. 


Across the Pitt River and Golden Ears’ Bridge lies the city of Pitt Meadows. With a population of just over 19,000, Pitt Meadows has a home-town intimate feel that most cities in the lower mainland lack. Unlike the sprawling cities of Burnaby and Vancouver, Pitt Meadows has one of everything: one high school, one movie theatre, one rec centre, etc. Because of this, the sense of community is strong. I’m probably biased in saying this, but I think Pitt Meadows has some of the nicest people. It’s not uncommon for me to talk with strangers at the gym, or strike up a conversation with a cashier at the grocery store. I’ve found that most people in Pitt Meadows are eager to engage with each other.


Between Pitt River, Pitt Lake, the farmlands, and the dyke, Pitt Meadows offers great outdoor scenery and activities. Osprey Village, located on the edge of the Pitt River and the Katzi First Nation reserve, is a popular spot for dog walkers and cyclists passing by on the trail. Also in Osprey Village, is local shops like Stomping Grounds Café and Bistro where I work. The coffee shop has a great hometown feel— I know most of the customers that come in, they know me, and the customers know each other.


Each year, the number of people living in Pitt Meadows gets higher and higher. Between the city demolishing single-family homes to build townhouses, and the new Amazon delivery facility opening up, I’m nervous that the quaint town I once knew is changing. Driving around the other day to take these photos made me realize just how much I appreciate where I live, and while parts of Pitt Meadows are changing, the city still holds its unique charm and community connection.

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