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1, 2, reADY Row

Based out of Burnaby Lake, the SFU Rowing team is a competitive club representing Simon Fraser University. Through the guidance of coaches Ryan Takagi, Ian Ceholski, and Meaghan Stratford, the team trains 6 mornings a week at Burnaby Lake and SFU. Within SFU, the team is classified as a club, not a varsity sport. This classification means the team receives very little funding from the university and relies on fundraising to buy equipment, cover travel costs, regatta entrance fees, and coaches’ wages. Student-athletes are also responsible for a portion of these costs. Behind the fundraising initiatives is SFU Rowing’s student-led executive board, which in addition to fundraising, works on team events, recruitment, and media. 

I joined the team this past February, and I’m so glad I did. I have fallen in love with the sport of rowing— I look forward to every practice. The feeling of using your strength and power to move through the water is exhilarating, and working as a team to achieve a common goal is unlike any sport I’ve done before. The speed of the boat depends on every person to do their part, and I feel lucky to have such a great team behind me. My teammates make waking up at 4:45 am six times a week to train on a cold and rainy day at the lake, worth it. I’m thankful to my coaches, Ryan, Ian, and Meaghan for giving so much of their time to the program and expecting so little in return. Driven by their passion for rowing, they are committed to developing us as high-level athletes and overall good people.

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