Peer Review #2: “Milton Jang”

For the second Peer Review, I was assigned Milton Jang’s website, “Milton Jang”. Milton’s website offers readers inspiration, hope, and valuable life lessons through his writing pieces. Check out his website here:

When I first click on the homepage of Milton’s website, my eyes are instantly drawn to the words, “I’m Milton”. I appreciate the font choice and boldness of the lettering as it captures readers’ attention. Below “I’m Milton”, is the website tag line: “Writing to inspire personal growth & self-love for the millions. Living to spark joy in the heart of one.” This headliner statement creatively and clearly articulates the message of Milton’s website. Visually, the background of the homepage displays a close-up image of a teddy bear on the ground. The picture leaves me with an eerie feeling, which doesn’t match the description of “self-love” and “growth” as Milton explained in his website tag line. I would suggest changing this image to one that aligns with and reflects the essence of thinking, writing, and sharing.

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As I scroll down the home page, I notice that sections are separated by different shades of white slanted on an angle. This design theme is very visually appealing to the eye. In the first section, Milton has written an in-depth description of what the site is about. I applaud his choice to use a bold and large font for the title, “My Treasure Chest of Ideas” because it makes a clear statement about what readers can expect from the website. Another design element that Milton has added is a small icon of his website above its description. I appreciate this feature because it trade-marks and makes the website look very professional.

Scrolling further down, another section entitled, “A Little About Me” appears. Milton writes a brief description of himself, then gives readers the option to find out more about him by clicking the “More” button. I think it was a smart design decision for Milton to share a little bit about himself on the front page, but also direct readers who want more insight to a fully dedicated “About Me” page. The picture associated with the “A Little About Me” section is of a dog peeking his head over a couch. While the image is cute and inviting, I would suggest replacing this image with one of Milton himself. I think that when readers have a visual image of who they are reading, it will help them connect more with the content. 

At the very bottom of the home page, Milton has added a “Testimonials” section with an image icon of the person who testified the quote. I think this is a great idea and the image icon gives the website a professional look. 

As far as website layout goes, Milton has mastered the art of organization. The website menu is easy to navigate and ordered appropriately. After the “Home” and “About” sections, the menu guides readers to Milton’s “Blog” with a subsection showcasing “Archives”. When I click on “Blog”, I am led to a page that displays all of Milton’s posts to this website. Each post is categorized under “PUB 101” (which can also be found as a separate menu item), and “Start”. I am uncertain why the posts separate from PUB 101 are tagged under the category “Start”. For easier reader navigation, perhaps I would change the name of this category to something different such as, “Writes by Milton”. As for the aesthetic of the page, I like the image Milton has chosen as the background picture. The pop of colour from the cacti, against the clean white of the plant pots, adds great contrast. I also really enjoy the way Milton’s blog posts display with an image, title, date, and category. My sole critique would be to make sure each post has a cover image. As of right now, two of Milton’s recent posts are missing a cover photo, and this throws off the symmetry and visual appeal of the page. When I click on the “Blog” subsection, “Archives”, I am led to a page that shows Milton’s blog posts in a chronologically organized fashion. The design of this page layout is very helpful for reader navigation. My suggestion would be to change the page cover image from the current Minecraft scene, to a picture that goes better with the aesthetic of the website: clean and sophisticated.

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The Portfolio section of provides links to other websites that have featured Milton’s writing pieces. However, I could not tell right off the bat what this section was about. I would suggest describing this section at the beginning of the page; a brief description such as, “A collection of my writing pieces that have been featured on external websites.”

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The last item to review in the navigation menu is “Contact”. Milton has cleverly added a “Contact” section to his website allowing readers to get in touch with him. I love this idea.

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Some extra features to Milton’s website that I would like to mention are sidebar widgets, typography, and social media links. Milton has done a great job of utilizing sidebar space with meaningful widgets such as, “About”, “Recent Posts”, and “Archives” sections. Not only do these add-ons fill up sidebar space, making the overall appearance more appealing, but they serve as useful navigation tools for readers. As for typography, I like the fonts Milton chose to use. I noticed that the font in the far left corner of the menu header is different than others throughout the website. I applaud this creative choice because the font looks as if Milton signed his name in calligraphy, giving the website a more personal feel. The main font used for writing posts is kept consistent, which creates a flow throughout the website. My sole suggestion would be to increase this text size to make it easier to read. Finally, Milton integrates links to his social media accounts throughout the website. Icons/links to his social media accounts are displayed in the “Home”, “About”, and “Portfolio” pages. I would recommend also putting these links on the “Contact” page as another way for readers to keep in touch/ get in contact with Milton.

I really enjoyed reviewing Milton’s website. The format is excellent, the aesthetic is consistent, and the vision of content is spot on. It is clear that Milton has found his niche in writing, and has developed a website format and theme that works. Now there are only minor changes needed to be made to elevate to the next level.

Helpful Resource:

Maria Shriver’s blog is similar to in the sense that she shares musings. Her “About Me” section and the personalized photos she uses may be particularly helpful to model. Readers get a sense of who Maria is and what she stands for, from the photos her website displays. I would recommend the same for Milton, to use his own personal photos.

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