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Peer Review #2: Joanna Lin

This week I will be reviewing my classmate Joanna Lin’s website, Joanna Lin. This website is Joanna’s outlet to share her creative journey as a graphic designer, videographer, and photographer, in hopes of being a source of artistic inspiration to others. 


Hi Joanna! At first glance at your website homepage, my eyes are immediately drawn to the graphic image of yourself. This image is so cool! I think this graphic of yourself is a great homepage image as this site is all about YOUR creative journey as a designer. I also like how you introduce yourself with the tag line, “Hi, I’m Joanna”, and that the subheader indicates your creative skills. Something I might consider adding to this subheader is your website’s tagline. Instead of sharing your mission statement in your “About Me” section, I think it would fit better on the homepage of your website. This way readers know right away what to expect from your site. 

I’m here to share my creative journey as a designer, videographer, and photographer, hopefully inspiring others and creating some laughs on the way.”

In your last peer review, Briana Carniel suggested “there could be more examples of Joanna’s work on her home page, so viewers get a better grasp at the content she develops.”, and I completely agree. There is quite a bit of open white space, and while I appreciate the clean aesthetic, since your website is about your journey as a “creative”, I think you should utilize the homepage to feature more of your wonderful creations!

Navigation Menu

The JL in the top left corner of your website which displays the menu is a design element that I appreciate! Having your initials there makes the website look more professional and the pink accent of the box makes it obvious to readers that they should click there.

One thing I might consider changing about the navigation menu is deleting the grid option. When I click on the grid option (the second icon to the side of the menu), it makes the menu page options disappear. I’m not sure why this is happening, but since there is no use for this button, I would eliminate it from the side of the menu. 

At the bottom of the navigation menu, I like that you have embedded social media icons linked to these platforms where readers can keep up with your other content. 

About Me Page

I like the way you have displayed the images on the About Me page! The images frame the text nicely and it’s appealing to the eye. Your write-up about yourself is well written and gives readers the inside scoop about you. 

Again, I like the fact that you have added social media icons at the bottom of this page with links to these platforms. The more places for readers to view your content, the better! 

Projects Page

I like the idea of having a Projects page to document your creative work. I might consider changing the title of this page to “Creative Portfolio” as appose to just “Projects”. “Creative Portfolio” sounds more professional and implies that the work you are sharing is completed, whereas “Projects” might give the impression that these ventures are still in the works.

Blog: Photo & Video

I enjoyed scrolling through the content you have on the Photo and Video pages! It’s very cool to see your creative process and the final product come together. I am a little confused however how the blog section of your website is different from the Projects page. For instance, the “Sound Design: Soundscape Composition” post and the “Video: Buttshy” post are both academic design projects that share your creative process and the final product, yet these posts are not under the Projects page. In my mind, it makes more sense to post all completed design work/projects under a “Creative Portfolio” page, and then utilize the Blog page for content such as how-to videos, unboxings, your creative journey, etc. 

Posts’ Cover Photos

When your blog posts are displayed, it would be nice to see a cover photo go with the title of the post. Especially since your website is so visual, adding a cover photo to your posts might entice readers to check out your content.

Utilization of Social Media

You have done a great job embedding social media icons with links to their respective platforms throughout your site. If you want to make it even more clear where your readers can follow you, you could consider creating a separate page specifically for your social media links and adding it to your navigation menu.

In terms of how you have used your social media sites, I think you’ve done a good job to post content relevant to the concept behind your website. I would however suggest keeping your user name consistent on all of these platforms (if possible for you to change it!) so they’re easily identifiable as you and align with your Joanna Lin “brand’.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very excited to see where you take your website, Joanna! I’m very impressed with your design, photography, and videography skills and I’m excited to see more of your creative journey.

Best of luck!

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