Peer Reviews

Peer Review #1: Learning to Care

This week I will be reviewing my classmate Kelly Chia’s website, Learning to Care. This site features Kelly’s stories and challenges regarding mental health and self-care in hopes of inspiring her readers to check in on their own mental health.

Initial Thoughts

Hi, Kelly! First off, I want to say that I appreciate the concept of your website. Now more than ever, mental health is a topic that we as a society need to shine a light on. I applaud people like you who are open and honest about their mental health experiences because it sparks conversation and lets people know that it’s okay to “not be okay”.


At first glance at your homepage, the header and its subtitle tell me what type of content to expect which is always appreciated as a new reader. My one suggestion for the header would be to include somewhere in the subtitle description of your site the words “mental health”. Your About page discusses the topic of mental health more in-depth, and since this is connected to your “brand”, it would make sense to mention it on the homepage.

Background Image

I’m sure you are already planning on doing so, but I’d suggest adding a different image to the background of your homepage as appose to the default WordPress image provided.

Here are some potential homepage images that fit the theme of your website:

Also, (again, I’m sure you are already planning on changing this!) I would change the “Hello World” heading and “This is a sub-title” subtitle to either a heading that reflects your content, or no heading at all and just a background image. Another possibility is to utilize your homepage as a place where readers can see your most recent posts. A posts carousel is a good way to display recent content on a homepage.

About Me page

The website menu currently displays an About page and a Personal Projects page. Considering your website is heavily involved around you and your mental health/self-care journey, as a reader, I would love to see an About Me page as well. It would be nice to know a little more about who Kelly is, the person behind the content! Adding a photo of yourself on the About Me page would be a nice touch as well.

Blog Page

Another page I would recommend adding to your menu is a Blog section. I’m not sure if you were planning on uploading your posts to the Personal Projects Page, but I think a separate Blog page would be easier for navigation purposes.

Resources Page

The final section I would consider adding to the menu is a Resource page. I think it would be a great idea if you utilized this section to link helpful mental health resources and/or other content creators who also contribute to the topic of mental health. Here you can also link your social media accounts for readers to follow you.

Kelly’s “Professional Self”

As an outside observer, Learning to Care represents a brand that revolves around mental health and self-care, and I think the website articulates this in many ways. I think the few suggestions such as changing the subtitle description to include the phrase “mental health”, changing the background image, and adding a Resource page, will only strengthen the message behind your brand. Furthermore, expanding the Learning to Care brand on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok would be a great way to reach more audiences.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very excited to see where you can take your website, Kelly! You clearly have a way with words and I love that you are using your writing skills to share your experiences as you navigate your mental health and self-care journey. It’s not easy to be open like that, but I believe your vulnerability can help many people. I will be keeping up with your site and I’m eager to read what you post!

Best of luck, Kelly!

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