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My Favourite Online Creators

As of lately, it seems like every time I check my phone, I am inundated with bad news. Between Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, and the effects of climate change (just to name a few), the world feels “heavy”. Scrolling on social media was leaving me feeling sad and fearful about the state of the world, and this was not conducive to my mental health.

Deciding I needed less negativity and more positivity in my life, I curated my social media feeds. Now, I deliberately choose the content I want to consume, and I’m more conscious of how media is making me feel. This strategy has been beneficial to my overall well-being.

Below are some of my favourite online creators. They offer an escape from reality and I find their content to be uplifting and compelling. Check them out!

Lexi Hidalgo

Lexi is a social media influencer who gained popularity on Tik Tok for her lifestyle videos. She currently lives in Hawaii and her posts are always full of adventure and fun!

Annie MacIntosh

Annie is a photographer and social media influencer from Vancouver, BC. She posts about her travel adventures and takes great photographs along the way!

Esther Cannon

Esther is a photogrpaher based out of Oahu, Hawaii. She’s a master at ‘visual storytelling’, and I love her style of photography.

Wholesome Han

Hannah is a social media influencer who posts about health and wellness. She has a wonderful free spirit energy, and her content promotes a positive outlook on life.

Bree Lenehan

Bree Lenehan is a social media influencer whose content is surrounded around self-love and body positivity. She shows her audience that the way people portray themselves on social media isn’t always real.

Nats Neat Eats

Natalia is a lifestyle influencer who promotes balance and wellness in everyday living. She has a contagious energy, and I can’t help but feel motivated and uplifted when I consume her content.

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