Sincerely, Gracie: The Backstory and Intention

For the past few years, starting a blog has been a secret ambition of mine. Since starting university, I keep hearing the question, “What do you want to do after school?”. My go-to answer is, “I don’t know yet, I’m still figuring that out!”, but that’s not true, I’ve already “figured it out.” My dream job is to be a travel blogger— travelling the world, writing stories about my experiences, and taking photos to document these moments. I’ve been hesitant to say my ambition out loud because it seems too unrealistic to strive for. But as much as the fear of failure has tried to talk me out of pursuing this path, my desire to create the blog I’ve always dreamed of remains unwearied. 

When I had the option to enroll in PUB 201 (a publishing course at SFU), I took it as an opportunity to prioritize my blogging ambitions by building what you are reading now— Sincerely, Gracie. This website is a stepping stone to my end goal of a travel blog. Sincerely, Gracie is an expression of my sincerest thoughts and passions; a space to feature my writing and photography. Readers can expect reflections on topics such as self-help, world events, causes I’m passionate about, and more under “Musings”. The “Photo Diary” category encaptures the  visual portrayal of my stories and experiences, and the “Portfolio” section highlights the photographs I’ve taken. 

At its core, Sincerely, Gracie is about finally being sincere about my dreams and passions. It is the real and raw expression of myself and the things that make me sincerely, me. In the process of channelling my energy to the things that fuel me, I hope you, my readers, feel inspired to pursue the ambitions sincerest to you.

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