Peer Review #3: “No Instructions”

For the third Peer Review, I will be reviewing the marketability of Tracy Nong’s website, “No Instructions”. Tracy’s website is all about doing things with no instructions. Check out her website here: Content Marketability First off, I love the concept of this website, and I was thoroughly entertained watching Tracy’s videos. She is fun, engaging […]

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Peer Review #2: “Milton Jang”

For the second Peer Review, I was assigned Milton Jang’s website, “Milton Jang”. Milton’s website offers readers inspiration, hope, and valuable life lessons through his writing pieces. Check out his website here: When I first click on the homepage of Milton’s website, my eyes are instantly drawn to the words, “I’m Milton”. I appreciate the […]

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Peer Review #1: “Utopianism”

For the first Peer Review, I was assigned Regina Zhang’s blog, “Utopianism”.  When I click on “”, it leads me to the “Home” page. The first thing I notice is a brief description of what the website is about. I would suggest elaborating this description so readers have a better understanding of the site’s content. […]

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