A Covid World

Never in my lifetime did I expect to live through a global pandemic, but if the year 2020 has taught me one thing, it is to expect the unexpected. The spread of Covid-19 has changed life as we know it. Long gone are the days when face masks and hand sanitizer weren’t daily necessities, and […]

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Peer Review #3: “No Instructions”

For the third Peer Review, I will be reviewing the marketability of Tracy Nong’s website, “No Instructions”. Tracy’s website is all about doing things with no instructions. Check out her website here: Content Marketability First off, I love the concept of this website, and I was thoroughly entertained watching Tracy’s videos. She is fun, engaging […]

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This week, I was tasked to create an infographic about my website. I have no experience in digital/graphic design, however, I was able to produce this infographic through Canva. Coming up with a format and information for my infographic was the most difficult part. After exploring examples of infographics and the information they provide, I […]

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Week 9: My Thoughts On Monetization

This week our class had guest speaker Trevor Battye talk marketing and monetization. Trevor is the co-founder of Clevers Media, a consulting firm that specializes in marketing, branding, website development, and advertising. He offered great insight on how to utilize our websites for monetization purposes. I loved how enthusiastic and engaging he was when sharing […]

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Photo Remix

This mini assignment required that I remix something. Given that this is a photography based website, it only seemed fitting to remix/ edit a photo. This photo is one I took in Hawaii at Sandy’s Beach. Sandy’s is a popular surfing spot on the island, known for its huge waves. The original photo is unedited […]

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Week 6: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a digital analytics software that allows you to analyze in-depth details about the people who interact with your website. This insight helps you make decisions based on data. To download the Google Analytics plugin, I went to my dashboard and scrolled to Plugins. Clicking “Add New” and searching Google Analytics, the “Google […]

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